One More Shot is a film my husband and I produced. It chronicles our personal journey through various assisted reproductive technologies and third party interventions. It explores the social and emotional aspects of infertility from a very raw and personal point of view, and redefines the meaning of family. (At least that’s what we hope it does.) Our goal is to use One More Shot as a way to de-stigmatize infertility and normalize how different families are created. It is also a cautionary tale of a young couple (us) who never fathomed they would have difficulties conceiving in their early 30’s.  It covers the gamut of choices available to those wanting to start a family, and the highs and lows encountered along the way.  While we are the spine of the film, we interview others who have made their families in alternative ways and try to answer the question of “Where do babies comes from?”  when the old fashioned way doesn’t work.

One More Shot is available on iTunes, Amazon, Vimeo On Demand, and Netflix.

We are in the process of creating educational and community licenses and are available to speak and do Q&A’s at community, educational and private screenings.

UPCOMING: One More Shot live screening at ART of Infertility in Salt Lake City, UT. February 15, 2018. Click HERE for details.