Maya Grobel, LCSW

Maya Grobel, LCSW


Infertility Advocate. 




I’m a psychotherapist. A certified yoga teacher. An infertility advocate, filmmaker, public speaker, writer and parent through the miracles of science and the gift of third party reproduction.

I’m a California Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW 27034) in West Los Angeles. For over a decade I’ve been helping adults, children, and families cope with life challenges and find emotional balance and well-being. Over the past few years, my own experience with infertility has led me to expand my practice to include helping those struggling to conceive, which can be a very specific and life altering crisis for an individual or couple.

In addition to my work as a therapist, I’m also an expert in all things infertility.  My husband and I produced One More Shot, a feature length documentary film chronicling our tumultuous journey to parenthood that was released in November 2017. 




In my private practice, I work with adults, kids/teens, and families. I specialize in working with individuals and couples trying to navigate the world of infertility and assisted reproduction.

Speaking Engagements:

I am available for speaking engagements on the topic of women’s health and wellness and infertility.


I am available to write about infertility from a variety of perspectives and have done so for multiple outlets.

Infertility Workshops/Classes:

I  love providing support and creating community. I’m in the process of creating a series of online and in person workshops. Please subscribe to my mailing list for updates.



Maya is a wonderful therapist. She helped me tremendously following a couple of years of difficulties conceiving and pregnancy losses. She is incredibly compassionate and insightful…

-  R.S.

I started seeing Maya and found immediate comfort in her compassionate, insightful viewpoint. Finally, someone truly understood what I’d been going through, and finally, I had someone helping me steer the ship…

- A.E

I thought I had a handle on my struggle, stress and sadness but meeting Maya changed everything…Maya is patient and empathetic and kind but she's also funny and pragmatic…

- A.O.