Maya is a wonderful therapist. She helped me tremendously following a couple of years of difficulties conceiving and pregnancy losses. She is incredibly compassionate and insightful. She listened very carefully and without any judgment and tailored my sessions beautifully to my personality and experiences. She helped me achieve a much greater understanding of my feelings than I could have done on my own and taught me really helpful techniques for managing my feelings, which helped me to keep my anxiety under control during my successful pregnancy. I loved our sessions and found myself thinking about them a lot in the time between sessions. Maya is such an empathic person that I’m sure she would have been wonderful even if she hadn’t had her own difficulties conceiving—and I wouldn’t hesitate to reach out to her for non-fertility related issues. But it was refreshing to talk to a therapist who was willing to talk about her own related experiences, and her knowledge of the processes involved in treating infertility made it easy to explain exactly what I was going through. I would recommend Maya to anyone looking for a therapist, especially someone experiencing infertility or pregnancy losses.
— R.S.
I spent the first half of my infertility journey focused on the physical aspects of the process. When I finally realized the toll it had taken on my soul, I started seeing Maya and found immediate comfort in her compassionate, insightful viewpoint. Finally, someone truly understood what I’d been going through, and finally, I had someone helping me steer the ship. Maya’s endless warmth and compassion have helped me process and work through the constant peaks and valleys of infertility. I no longer feel like I’m shouldering this immense burden on my own, and I feel so much better equipped to finish out this journey—regardless of the outcome.
— A.E.
When my husband and I were going through fertility treatments I thought it would be helpful to have someone to talk to about the all the fears & expectations that go along with it. None of my friends had gone through quite the range of treatments we were which made me feel a little alone. I had a therapist I saw but she had never been through fertility treatments either. As much as people want to listen, be helpful & share your frustration it’s impossible to truly understand until you have been there sitting with an ice pack on your stomach waiting for your husband to inject you with hormones!
There is a different understanding, almost a shorthand with someone who has been through this process herself. It’s like hanging out with a best girlfriend who is also focused on helping you get through this journey in the best, healthiest way possible (with some laughs). It’s great, I love her.
— A.O.
Maya helped me see the light in not only myself, but others. I’m only 16, but my past two years in here I have experienced the highest and lowest points of my life. And it’s in these points that I have unknowingly been building my moral core. Maya has helped me not find myself, but instead create myself.
— S.H.