INDIVIDUAL: I primarily treat adults struggling with life transitions/stressors and depression/anxiety. I collaborate with my clients on finding ways to process life challenges and increase emotional well-being. I help my clients gain insight and self-awareness, learn stress-reduction coping tools, and improve communication and self-esteem. 

KIDS/FAMILIES: I specialize in the treatment of children and adolescents struggling with behavior problems, depression, and anxiety, and often use a structural family therapy/cognitive behavioral therapy/mindfulness approach to help children and families improve communication and increase adaptive functioning. 

INFERTILITY COUNSELING: I provide infertility counseling that includes all aspects of infertility. I help clients find ways to cope with various infertility related issues such as unexplained infertility and specific diagnoses, pregnancy loss, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), third party reproduction, adoption, and decisions of living child-free, as well as pregnancy and parenting after Assisted Reproductive Technologies. I can also consult to help link clients to the most appropriate resources and help them move forward on the “journey to parenthood.”

My personal journey to parenthood has allowed me insight into the emotional, mental, physical, relational, and social challenges that infertility can create in one’s life. I believe that along with those challenges comes the opportunity for growth, but I know first hand that it isn’t easy. I have a personal perspective as well as professional training, and focus on the unique individual needs of the infertility patient. I offer a variety of services to help the infertility patient increase coping tools and emotional stability.

I provide a variety of specialized services including:

  • Personalized psychotherapy to cope with unexplained infertility and specific diagnoses
  • Assistance in processing grief and loss
  • Help in letting go of past trauma to be able to remain hopeful through the journey to parenthood
  • Counseling for couples
  • Support through third party reproduction (egg/sperm/embryo donation, surrogacy)
  • Adoption counseling
  • Decision to live child-free
  • Counseling for single family building/parenting
  • Counseling for LGBTQ family building/parenting 
  • Counseling for pregnancy and parenting after A.R.T. (including talking to your kids about donor conception)
  • Gestational Surrogate assessments and report


I am available for speaking engagements on the topic of women’s health and wellness and infertility and to provide psychoeducation to increase awareness of the emotional aspects of infertility. Having personal experience and professional training puts me in a unique position to raise awareness about infertility and speak on a variety of topics. Through the film and my work, I hope to start an important dialogue about infertility with various communities and industries. I am also available to show our film and do lectures and/or Q & A’s.


I am available to write about infertility from a variety of perspectives and have done so for multiple outlets. I wrote an award-nominated infertility blog, Don’t Count Your Eggs for many years. I’m currently working on a memoir/self-help book. Below are some links to my writing and appearances:

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9) Popsugar

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I really enjoy providing support, education, and creating community. I’m in the process of creating a series of online and in person workshops with topics such as:

  • Intro to IVF
  • Coping with infertility
  • Moving to third party reproduction
  • Processing your “journey”
  • Taking to your kids about donor conception
  • Embryo disposition options
  • Support for grandparents in waiting
  • Pregnancy and parenting after ART
  • Infant and Newborn care for intended parents via surrogacy and adoptive parents with birth educator/doula Yana Katzap-Nackman

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